Thursday, February 13, 2014

Moving Forward without Focus

Having decided that seeking publication for my completed psychological thriller is not the wisest business decision, I have chosen instead to move forward with the projects that are ultimately within the genre of my "brand."

Unfortunately, having been enmeshed in the world of Tad DuBois (the main character of my previous novel) I find myself moving forward with a lack of clarity and focus.  My next project will start as a stand-alone novel, but is meant to be an open-ended series set in a fictitious fantasy world.  The daunting task of world-building and character development looms over me like a Catholic School Nun, pounding its palm with the ruler of active work, waiting to beat me for my procrastination.

Perhaps I need to recharge and reboot after spending so much time with Tad in his own world before I attempt to focus on something new, though it's already been over a week of not really doing anything an still I can't find the motivation to move forward.

Well, that isn't accurate, actually.  I have the motivation.  I have the desire to move forward.  I simply cannot focus that motivation into anything tangible.  I have an overall "idea" that I am passionate about.  The concept for the next project really has me excited (which might be where the motivation comes from), I just can seem to focus that concept into a concrete premise or solid characters.

I'm sure it will come eventually.  In the meantime, I feel like a bum as I sit in my filthy cabin and do nothing more than browse through Facebook or watch the squirrels dig for corn and sunflower seeds through the snow on the deck.

More to come...